Equipment introduction

CNC machine tool group

  • [Turning center (simultaneous 5 axes)]

    Swing: φ530mm, processing length: 854mm

    * With 2nd spindle”

  • [Turning Center (simultaneous 5 axes)]

    Swing: φ658mm, processing length: 1,011mm

  • [Turning Center (simultaneous 4 axes)]
    Swing: φ470mm, processing length: 503mm

  • [Turning Center (simultaneous 4 axes)]
    Swing: φ610mm, processing length: 1,048mm

  • [Turret type NC lathe]
    Swing: φ300mm, processing length: 500mm

  • [3 machining center (axes)]
    quantity of axis movement: 1,050*530*510 (X X Y X Z)

  • [5-sided machining center]
    Axis travel: 2,100 × 1,450 × 600 (X × Y × Z)

  • [5-axis machine]
    Axis travel: 510 x 510 x 460 (X x Y x Z)

  • [NC milling machine]
    Axis travel: 550 x 320 x 350 (X x Y x Z)

  • [Wire EDM]
    Axis travel: 320 x 220 x 116 (X x Y x Z)

  • [Wire electrical discharge machine]
    Axis movement amount: 370x270x255 (XxYxZ)

  • [Die-sinking EDM]
    Axis travel: 300 x 250 x 250 (X x Y x Z)

  • [Surface grinding machine]
    Axis travel: 750 x 440 x 320 (X x Y x Z)

General-purpose machine tool group

  • [Precision lathe]
    Swing: φ280mm, processing length: 500mm

  • [Normal lathe]
    6 units in total
    1 example) Swing: φ400mm, processing length: 900mm

  • [Vertical milling machine]
    5 units in total
    Example) Axis travel: 820 x 300 x 450 (X x Y x Z)

Material cutting equipment group

  • [Hydraulic shearing]
    Cutting ability: t3, cutting length 2,000mm

  • [Horizontal band saw]
    Cutting ability: φ250㎜

  • [Vertical band saw]
    Cutting ability: 350mm height

In addition, a large number of drilling machines are installed.

Glass machine tools

  • [Glass lathe 1]
    Processing diameter: 50mm

  • [Glass lathe 2]
    Processing diameter: 200mm

  • [Vacuum exhaust system]
    Ultimate vacuum: 10-5Pa
    Special specification: Powder sealing device

  • [Electric furnace]
    Achieving temperature: 600 ℃

Many diamond saws are also installed.

Woodworking equipment

  • [Inclined horizontal cutting machine]
    Table slide amount: 1,740mm
    Tilt angle: 45 ° left
    Circular saw diameter: φ405mm

In addition, a planer version is installed.