Usage guide

Central Workshop Technical Course Application Procedure

(Operation started from April 1, 2019)
STEP1 Sending the application form
Download the technical training application form. Then, fill in the necessary information such as laboratory name, client name, work title, budget type, and send it to Central Workshop by e-mail.
STEP2 Reply from Central Workshop
The member in charge of your request will send a quote and the responsible Central workshop member to the laboratory supervisor and to the client.
STEP3 Official order to the Central Workshop
The presiding faculty member will send an approval email to the prototype factory to place an official order.
STEP4 Schedule adjustment
The schedule is adjusted between the client and the resposible Central Workshop member.
STEP5 Taking the Technical Course
STEP6 Completion
Please receive a certificate of completion.

Download the technical training application form.

Address for sending the application form