Usage guide

Central Workshop application procedure

(Operation starts on April 1, 2019)
STEP1 Consult with the member. Please contact the registration desk.
①Design / processing technological consultation at Central Workshop
①Please feel free to contact us.
STEP2 Filling out the application form
Download the “Application Form for Craft and Technical Training” and fill in the required information including the name of the laboratory, the name of the requester, the subject of the craft, and the budget type.
Please select the blue background from the pull-down list. (The application form downloadable from the link on this page is the latest version.)
STEP3 Sending application form by e-mail.
Please send it to a Central Workshop by an email with a drawing (schematic view). (@under,
STEP4 Reply from Central Workshop
The member of Central Workshop who is in charge of your request will review the drawing and will feeback the quote and the deliverly time to the client and to the faculty member.
STEP5 Sending official order to the Central Workshop
The presiding faculty member will send an approval email to the prototype factory to place an official order.
STEP6 Start of machining
We will proceed for the design, material arrangement and production according to your request.
STEP7 completed
A notice of completion will be sent from the Central Workshop.
STEP8 Delivery
Please come to pick up the finished product and sign (date, name) in the receipt column of the work application form on the spot and deliver it.
In case of urgency
In case of urgency, please prepare the application form and bring it directly to the reception desk.

Work (design) application form download